Petronas Twin Towers Is From Indonesia

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The war of words between Malaysians and Indonesians over cultural appropriation took on a new dimension recently, now over who “owns”  the Petronas Twin Towers.

This time it was sparked by Korean music star DJ Soda posting on Instagram a picture of herself in front of the Petronas Twin Towers while wearing a yellow baju kebaya.

DJ Soda, whose real name is So Hee Hwang, captioned the picture with, “I bought two fish eye lenses for 20 dollars here! And it worked so well like this. (sic)”, which got over 135,000 likes.

However, some Instagram followers claimed that the twin skyscrapers and the baju kebaya she wore belongs to Indonesia. In retaliation, some Malaysian users criticised them over their claim, and some even used profanities against the Indonesians. One user amricramli wrote “Jerebu (haze) also from Indonesia.”

Following the viral hashtag #doneclaim that has been around for a while now, netizens have been satirically claiming that certain things from Malaysia belong to Indonesia. The trend is believed to have started when a group of “Indonesian extremists” claimed that some things in Southeast Asia had its roots in Indonesia. Malaysians and Indonesians then started the hashtag #doneclaim as a joke to help “claim” things for them before they do it.

Similar case with Mariah Carey who arrived in Malaysia days ahead of her concert on 16 October. She posted a picture of herself standing with the KL twin towers in the background with a caption that read: “Good morning, Kuala Lumpur! <3” The photo has since received 188,000 likes and 7,600 retweets, as netizens celebrate the singer’s arrival.

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Good morning, Kuala Lumpur! 💕

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However amidst the excitement, some netizens have been jokingly claiming that Mariah Carey is instead in Indonesia.

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