Barrier Free Environment

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Because sometimes we do forget that the conveniences we take for granted are inconveniences for our disabled fellowmen.

From Esther Symbah Facebook post:
“Last time i almost witnessed an accident whereby a blind lady wanted to cross a road, while the traffic light started to turn green. Me and my family was at the opposite side of the road that time. Without a second thought, luckily a little girl grabbed her by her hand. The most saddening part was the fact that not even one adult citizen offered her guidance, even though she was surrounded by many other pedestrians. In addition to which made the matter worsen was, the cars there moved very fast after the traffic light turned green in a place full of pedestrians. This place was near the YMCA area in KL, a place which has a building especially allocated for blind people. Hmm.. while politicians are debating for a better Malaysia and people are judging the inefficiency of government’s system.. why not we change our own attitude first? This includes you and me.”

Things to ponder. We should have a Barrier Free Environment. Equality for ALL. Spread the advocacy.

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